Dixon Glass

We are experts in our field. We are also enthusiasts; highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who manufacture and supply a full range of bespoke and standard scientific and non-scientific borosilicate glassware.

We make beautiful things. Most of the things that we make are also practical. We manufacture specialised scientific glassware for an extremely varied group of enterprises; chemical, petrochemical, nutritional analysis, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, lighting, designers, artists, film studios, museums, research and development labs, restaurants, television shows, displays, government research labs, emissions companies, water companies, the education sector, individuals, pilot plant manufacture, specialist manufacturers, the list is almost endless. Borosilicate glass is used in just so many industries in one form or another and as we specialise in specials it follows that we deal with all.

We also supply standard laboratory glassware (beakers, flasks, microscope slides etc) to whomever has a need. We are not just a distributor selling widgets. We are independent professional glassblowers, free of limiting commercial tie-ups and we know what we are looking at when we examine a scientific glass vessel. We have therefore carefully chosen the products that we hold in stock.

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  • Address: 127 Avenue Road
    Beckenham, London BR3 4RX
    United Kingdom
  • Phone: 03333 202101
  • Email: info@dixonscience.com
  • Simax Round Bottom Boiling Flask, Borosilicate Glass, Unbadged

    from: £9.55
  • Flask, Round Bottom, Two Neck

    from: £21.99
  • Simax Flask, Round Bottom, Three Neck

    from: £26.29
  • Simax Conical Flask, Wide Neck, Borosilicate Glass, White Graduations

    from: £3.37
  • Glassco Flask, Round Bottom, Single Neck

    from: £8.17
  • Simax Conical Flask, Narrow Neck, Borosilicate Glass, White Graduations

    from: £3.09
  • Simax Conical Flask, GL25 Screw Cap, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £17.65
  • Glassco Flask, Conical With Joint, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £10.58
  • Glassco Flasks, Pear Shape, Single Neck, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £10.17
  • Academy Conical Flask, Narrow Neck, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £1.64
  • Academy Filter Flask, With Glass Side Hose Connection, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £5.12
  • Simax Filtering Flask, Glass Connection, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £25.38
  • Simax Flask Flat Bottom, Wide Neck, With Rim Borosilicate Glass

    from: £11.62
  • Conical Flask, Narrow Neck, Heavy Duty, Borosilicate Glass

    from: £2.50
  • Round Bottom Flask, Narrow Neck

    from: £2.82